Harford Park News

New sewer line construction running through Harford Park. Brief description of project: Construction of approximately 11,000 feet of a relief sewer generally along Herring Run from the City Line to Aiken Avenue, construction of 58 Manholes and 900 feet of tunnel under Perring Parkway.

Work includes clearing and grubbing, relocation of 200 feet of water main, traffic control, trench excavation, trench repair within Oakleigh Road, Darlington Drive, Queen Anne Drive, Taylor Avenue, Shepard Avenue, Wendover Avenue, Birmingham Avenue and Aiken Avenue, and landscaping and tree planting.

Regarding the current (as of 6/23/20) status of the project: Work has started. They are clearing and grubbing, completing some test holes, starting excavations for the tunnel crossings of Perring Parkway and Taylor Ave., installing some erosion and sediment control devices, and doing pre-blast surveys.

Some of the pipe will start to get installed the second week of July in the Southern most portion of the project. Some clearing and grubbing is going to occur at the Southend of the park area next to the shopping center.

For further information or questions, please contact: David A. Bayer, P.E., Sewer Design Section, Bureau of Engineering & Construction, Baltimore County Department of Public Works, dbayer@baltimorecountymd.gov, 410-887-3781

The following drawings (downloadable files) represent “the plan and profile of the sewer to be installed, the erosion and sediment control drawings, and the forest buffer protection, forest conservation, and landscape drawings in that area. The Limit Of Disturbance (LOD) line you’ll see on the plans is the limit of where the Contractor can work. He’s not allowed to work outside the LOD without County approval.”